!! some scenes have a strobe like effect that may affect SOME photosensitive viewers !!


a/v improv to celebrate another year alive.

“not well versed in marine biology”

improv collaboration made using lzx vidiot, edirol v4 & slownormals dirty a/v mixer.

“are you telling me a field recorded this”

a visual album for ihtkwtsbtid. all songs recorded on h4npro and arranged in logic. visuals improvised using lzx vidiot & ederol v4 captured to vhs tape. titles were added in post.

“meta riff” collaboration film

this was a short film written and directed by Zan DeBoest as a collaboration with myself. what started as a bunch of long drives and conversations turned into this. filmed on iphones and edited on out of date video software. we pieced this film together over the course of a few months and did a small premiere with a limited run of repurposed VHS released at beach records. check out artisantrash for more of zan’s work in clothing and video

live visuals for SPACECAMP at old soul brewery

i do not own this video / only documentation of my live visual work for the amazing spacecamp who you should support and buy all their stuff.

more of my video work available at vimeo or youtube